Quickbooks Setup & Bookkeeping

Let the nerds hit the books for you. Not only do we love crunching the numbers, but a dedicated bookkeeper for any business is a surefire way to boost profits, save time, and win back the valuable energy you need to ramp up your business operations. Our services provide QuickBooks setup, monthly bank reconciliations, year-end closing adjustments, and bookkeeping cleanups such as keeping track of your invoices, balance sheets, expense reports, income statements, and more.

Federal, State, Sales, & Payroll Tax

Taxes are one of the necessary evils of doing business, but just because they stink doesn’t mean you have to! Find solace and support (and maybe a smile) with expert help during tax season. Our services take the pain out of the process and the fear out of filing, whether it’s your personal 1040, business’ 1065 or 1120, or 1041 for your trust. 

Database Development & Backend Automation

Sitting on a lot of data but don’t know how to organize it?  Spending a lot of time manual doing something in Excel over and over again.  Don’t worry Albert CPA is here to help.  Building an  Access database to neatly organize the data, or clean up a broken one is our wheelhouse.  Macros can save a lot of time, so you get back to not futzing in Excel.

IRS Representation

Letters from the IRS can be scary and make anyone’s heart start beating fast.  Whether it is a balance due issue or your return is under examination status Albert CPA will work with you and the IRS to help resolve your tax issue.  Working with the IRS doesn’t have to sound as harrowing as an experience when you go with Albert CPA. 

Compilation and Review

Often times when a business or not-for-profit is trying to acquire a line of credit or a state license they will need their financial statements compiled or reviewed by a CPA.  Albert CPA has worked with a variety of businesses to obtain lines of credit from banks and licensing within the state of Florida.  Please feel free to reach out and will gladly assist in you in the matter.